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About Kitchen Stainless Hoods

Kitchen Stainless Hoods has been designing and manufacturing commercial kitchen ventilation systems for twenty-five years.  We approach each and every situation as if it were a problem to solve, because hood systems generally have multiple code and or logistics issues that must be addressed before any cooking can take place.  This is precisely  why we investigate and inquire as to the environment in which our hood will be placed.  By the time we're done with our interview, we'll know everything necessary to assure not only that your system will pass inspection, but will also function in harmony with the buildings HVAC system.

There are restaurant hood manufacturers, hood installers, hood sales people and hood system designers.  They are all qualified in their specific field, but where do you go if you have a problem?  KSH is all of the above.  Not only do we design and manufacture, but we have also installed hundreds of hood systems.  What that means to our customers is that even if you are two thousand miles away we can offer assistance because we know all of the possible pitfalls that inevitably arise during the installation process.  We even go as far as personally calling your local building department to help expedite the approval.

Long ago, while most restaurant hood companies were building hybrid hoods (hoods made from materials other than stainless steel), KSH decided to build a better hood.  Opposed to the "stainless steel where exposed" type of hood, we designed our hoods to be made completely from stainless steel.  Not only that, we make them from a thicker 16 gauge instead of the industry standard 18 gauge.

Lastly, our philosophy is the tried and true belief that our customers come first.  That may sound cliche, but it is the truth.  Our worst nightmare would be manufacturing and shipping a commercial kitchen ventilation system that falls short of our client's expectations, or worse, sending a 300 pound product to California that won't work because we didn't ask the proper questions.  Our goal is not to merely sell our product, but to proudly build a permanent fixture that bares our name.